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Are you feeling stuck, disappointed, or disconnected from the life you envisioned? If so, you're not alone. Many of us face moments when life doesn't align with our expectations, leaving us searching for a path to renewal and hope.


"A Road to Hope" is a transformative 4-week online mini-series, hosted by Keith McLaughin, designed for those seeking deep and lasting change. If you’re looking for emotional, relational, and spiritual growth, this series will offer you a map to get there.  Join us beginning January 11 when we’ll introduce you to the life-changing principles of Formational Prayer. All sessions will be around 60-75 minutes. 

**MONEY BACK GUARANTEE is available for up to 48 hours after the first week airs.


 “I had been a Christian for 35 years before entering the Healing Care program. There is no bible study or other “church” program that has come close to the authentic, Holy Spirit led touch from Jesus that is available through Healing Care seminars and training.”



Week One: January 11 @ 7PM (EST)

The Vehicle for the Journey - Formational Prayer

Unlock the Power of Formational Prayer

In Week One, we’ll recap briefly why a journey is important (and life-changing!). You'll hear an introduction to the term Formational Prayer. We will discuss how unaddressed emotional wounds can keep us stuck, compromising our ability to access freedom, healing, and transformation through Jesus.

Week Two: January 18 @ 7PM (EST)

How Memories Are Stored in Our Bodies

Discover the Connection Between Memories and Healing

You’ve likely heard “the body keeps the score.”  This week, we’ll explore the concept of how memories are stored in our bodies.  This information often brings new respect for how the various experiences of our lives have shaped our memories, emotions, and beliefs, and relationships.

Week Three: January 25 @ 7PM (EST)

The Relationship Between Wounds and Dysfunctional Behavior

Exploring the Impact of Wounds on Behavior

This week we’ll delve into the relationship between our wounds and the unwanted behaviors we’re so frustrated by. These unhealthy behaviors often stem from our deepest hurts. We'll help you understand the false beliefs, feelings, and behaviors associated with some of these, how they influence your interactions with others, and what you can do to minimize this connection.

Week Four: February 1 @ 7PM (EST)

Experiencing Jesus in Our Wounds

Encounter Jesus in the Depths of Your Pain

In our final week, you'll embark on a journey to experience Jesus in your wounds. Discover how to connect with Jesus in your moments of vulnerability, allowing for true healing and transformation. Behavioral scientists have shown that new behaviors don't emerge solely from learning concepts; they require new positive experiences.  And we’ll close with some potential next steps and helpful tools to help you continue your journey.



*includes access to all four sessions



The Holiday season provides a time of reflection and taking stock of our lives. "A Road to Hope" is your opportunity to address past disappointments, rewrite your story, and step into the new year with a renewed sense of purpose.

Invest in your well-being and embark on a journey toward a more fulfilling life. Join "A Road to Hope" for only $99 and set the stage for a different, more joyous new year.


Act Now - Your Transformation Begins January 11!

About Your Host

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Keith McLaughin is the Vice-President of Healing Care Ministries. He has been actively discovering renewed life on his journey of healing for almost two decades. Keith holds his M.Div from Ashland Theological Seminary and has served for 18 years as the lead pastor of two churches in Ohio. His desire is to position others to take this journey toward wholeness with Jesus. Keith currently lives in Bellville, Ohio with his wife, Michelle and their five children. 

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