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Are you ready to pursue deeper spiritual maturity in Christ? Rooted is a 10-month journey of spiritual formation designed to help you on your journey to become more like Jesus. This program provides flexibility, so you can participate in a way that fits with your life and unique schedule.

And the best part? You'll belong to a small group community of 8-12 people, so you can share your journey of transformation at every step. 

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This program has been completely and utterly life changing for me. I was in a dry place after years of crisis and emotional challenges. This course has been instrumental in healing wounds and reigniting my passion for Jesus. My understanding has also deepened considerably.



The Christian journey isn't always straightforward. Sometimes we get stuck. And, without a faithful community and trustworthy guidance, it's easy to stay there.

Do you want to move forward in your journey with Christ, but you're not sure how? Do you long for deeper intimacy with Jesus, but you  lack the solid community you need to get there? 

At Healing Care Ministries, we know what it's like to feel stuck on the Christian journey. And, here's the solution we've found:

Going Deeper.

We want to help you move beyond feeling stuck to being Rooted.

That's why we've created this 10-month immersive small group experience designed to help you position yourself daily to experience more of Jesus.

We've found that going deeper with Christ and community often provides the breakthrough so many Christians long for. 

It's all about living into the vision we see captured in Colossians 2:7, "Let your roots grow down into Him, let your lives be built on Him."

Whether you're feeling stuck, lack a community, or you're ready to try something new, there's a place for you in this program. Consider joining us on the journey.

Be positioned to experience the healing presence of Jesus

Access teaching & Resources through your online portal 24/7

Enjoy Meaningful community through local cohort meetings

Journal with PURPOSE USING daily reflection exercises

Receive Guidance from a trained facilitator


January - October 2022
Program duration for 2022 cohorts

December 28, 2021

Registration deadline


December 1, 2021

Your facilitator will contact you to begin preparations for the program


January 1, 2022

Start engaging with the teaching, daily, and

community components of the program


October 31, 2022

Completion of the program



We're offering two payment options to cover expenses for Rooted:

A one-time, pay-in-full amount of $1,100


A $200 deposit, then 9 payments of $100

Second year participants can register here.

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  • Monthly 1-hour video teachings from renowned speaker and teacher, Terry Wardle, and others, on topics related to the 5 A's of Spiritual Formation (see more below). Videos can be accessed live or when they fit your schedule.

  • Weekly videos/audio teachings (20-min) that relate to certain aspects of each of the 5 A's. These can be accessed at a time that fits your schedule.

  • Read 4 books (chosen by your facilitator) that relate to spiritual formation


You will receive a journal/workbook that is broken down into 40 weeks.

Each week will have 5 exercises that connect with the weekly teaching.

  • 2 Scripture-based exercises

  • 2 reflection question-based exercises

  • 1 right-brain experiential


The daily component will help you be intentional about connecting with the Lord and the content on a daily basis.


Each month you will connect with the people in your cohort.


During these times, you will have the opportunity to process what you are experiencing, learning, and what you see the Lord doing in you as you journey with the others in your cohort.


You'll also do right-brain, experiential exercises together that will position you to grow in new and rich ways.



"Rooted is all about how to take your Christian life to a deeper place with Jesus and I'm excited to recommend it."

— Terry Wardle, Founder of Healing Care Ministries

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God desires to do a great awakening in you. God's ongoing work of awakening is a ministry of the Holy Spirit that allows you to come alive in new ways. God is not hesitant to give; He gives freely. As you are continually awakened more and more, you can experience God's Kingdom movement in your life, awakening to...

  • The God who created you: to the God of love, to the fullness of Christ

  • Your true self as defined by Christ: to the image of God in you and others, to all that is true in you because of the work of Christ

  • The Kingdom of God: to the Spirit so you can see the Kingdom, to God in the present moment, to the movement of Christ in community


The call to abiding is relational, not transactional. Relationships grow when those in the relationship spend time together. A person grows closer to a spouse, child, friend, etc. by sharing life experiences with them. The same is true in regards to abiding in Christ. You grow in Christ as you come to know Him (2 Peter 1). You position yourself for relationship with Him by being intentional about abiding in Him, abiding in His...

  • Presence

  • Provision

  • Protection

  • Purpose

  • Power


Anointing is built on a foundation of abiding. As you abide, you an increasingly live into God's anointing on your life. God's anointing is a special endowment of the presence of the Holy Spirit on your life so that you can experience greater intimacy and union with Him and accomplish the Kingdom work that He has assigned to you. Anointing is an essential element of spiritual maturity that impacts your...

  • Inward journey of transformation

  • Upward journey of union and intimacy with God

  • Outward journey with the Body of Christ

  • Forward journey accomplishing the unique Kingdom work God has assigned to you




You are seated with Christ in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6)! One thing that the New Testament makes clear here and elsewhere is that, as a follower of Jesus, you are equipped with great authority and power. The power that raised Jesus from the dead resides within you. As an ambassador of Christ, it is essential that you experience and minister out of that power and authority, remembering that...

  • Your authority rests 100% in Jesus: you don't have to try to make anything happen on your own

  • Jesus has given you authority to act in His name: as a police officer acts as an authority "in the name of the law," you have authority to act in the name of Jesus

  • You are to practice the authority of Christ with humility and responsibility: the authority and power of Christ should not be taken lightly; to follow Jesus' model is to move in authority with humility and responsibility

  • You can grow in confidence as you minister in Christ's power and authority: living and ministering in the authority of Jesus can be intimidating, especially early in the journey; seeking the Lord at work helps you have confidence that the power which raised Christ from the dead resides in you




God has a unique assignment for you! can know what it is. God doesn't withhold or hide the plan He has for you in life and Kingdom ministry. He has already started the work and is inviting you to participate. This program will help you discover your unique assignment by investing in...

  • Vocation: In Christ, your vocation isn't your job or career; it is a summons to a new way of life, seen in the ancient prayer, "to know God more clearly, love God more dearly, to follow God more nearly."

  • Vision: Out of vocation comes vision, an emerging picture of a preferable future given by God. The vision God shows you will match your passions, gifts and circumstances.

  • Values: When you become aware of your vocation and vision, you can articulate the non-negotiable commitments by which you live your life. To see the vision of your life fulfilled, you must truly make these commitments non-negotiable.


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Are you ready to start a new journey toward deeper intimacy with Christ in a community you can trust? 


Are you ready to go deeper?


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