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Life is a Journey

(Reflections on “Life is a Journey from “Soul Friendship” by Ray Simpson)

Life is a journey ….

… From pretending to being real.

… From our false identity to our real identity in Christ.

…From not knowing myself to learning the truth of who I am.

… From being broken to being made whole.

…from meandering through life to living purposefully.

… from travelling without a compass to following the True North.

… From what I do to who I am.

… From disappointment to hope.

… From insecurity to anchored.

… From fear to confidence.

… From being ego-centred to Christ centred.

… From compulsion to contemplation.

… From resignation to relinquishment.

… From a clutching life to a life offered.

… From being chained to being free.

… From living in the shallows to sailing in the depths.

… From twisted perspective to holy insight.

… From being empty to increasingly filled with the Holy Spirit.

… From tone deaf to God’s music to dancing my soul out.

… From intentional isolation to the Grace Saturated Embrace.

… from restless inside to peace like river.

… From being an orphan to being a child of God


It is to be loved

By the Prodigal Father,

Who is always watching for us to come home;

By my Gracious Saviour,

Who substituted His life for mine on the cross;

And by the Holy Spirit,

Who is always alongside to gift and guide.


For the journey with You!

–Dan MacKinnon

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