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A Deeper Longing Still

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Liz Honeyford, Founder & Executive Director of Healing Care Canada

Give me holy preferences. Peace over power,

Contentment over control,

Rest over resentment.

Give me holy preferences!

Draw my heart into Your perspective far above my own!

Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I!

Shift me into what You prefer for me instead of my quick and easy pain killers!

Capture my heart once more with Your holy preferences.

I’m not sure even where I read the line “give me holy preferences” but, it was one of those lines that my heart immediately recognized as its own deeper prayer. In our world we call it “Breath Prayer.” Breath Prayer is a way to go about your day while returning to the deep place where longings live and prayer is beyond words (though words help us return to that space).

At the moment I am sitting on a lake in the early morning sun. I’ve had my swim and feel quite awake in that way where even my skin is tingling! The lake is a perfect calm. Water bugs, barely visible to my eye are the only movement upon the surface. I imagine underneath, where the fish and otters and whole eco world exist, there is LIFE happening! Same for you and I. On my surface this morning my skin is tingling, my eyes absorb the beauty, my ears the birds. On the surface I am still. Barely moving. But underneath, oh if you could see underneath, SO MUCH LIFE is happening!

I need this breath prayer like I need to breathe. My soul finds wings in a prayer like this; give me holy preferences. My soul demands it! My soul yearns for God’s holy preferences like a deer for water. (Or, water bugs for water!) There is far too much going on in the deep underneath of my life to ignore my own soul’s needs. GIVE ME HOLY PREFERENCES!

What’s your breath prayer today? Listen for it. Let it rise. Wait to recognize it as YOU looking for HE who is your life.


Liz Honeyford is the Founder and Executive Director of Healing Care Canada. She is also the Director of International Ministries for Healing Care here in the US. Liz is a preacher and teacher, a global pastor with a heart for the broken and traumatized. Liz ministers from a place of vulnerability and seeks to be a safe place for people to work out hard things. She loves the outdoors and wild things! Her grandkids adore her!

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