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A bruised reed He will not break

The following is taken from the video by Terry Wardle: Why is the Past Always Present?

One of the things that's very important for us in Healing Care Ministries is helping people meet Christ in the unresolved woundings of the past, so that we're no longer burdened by them, so that they're no longer a ball and chain around our leg keeping us from really running forward in life.

I'm sure you can imagine how much emotional baggage comes with believing that things were our fault, that we never measured up, or that we're unlovable. All of this happens because of the unresolved issues and wounds that are present in our past. Here at Healing Care we integrate Biblical theology, behavioral science and also neurobiology in order to best position you for freedom, for healing encounters with Christ, and to enable you to move from surviving to thriving.

Do you know something I have learned about Jesus? He does some of his best work in the ditch. I have found that many of the unresolved issues and woundings of my past caused me to live in a ditch that kept me from really running free. I would try with all of my energy to rise up out of that ditch and be a better person and to think better thoughts. Yet, when the night was dark and the wind was howling, I found myself right back in that ditch, disappointed that I wasn't measuring up to what Jesus wanted me to be.

Then one day, in the midst of my heartache, I found that Jesus was right there with me, that he wanted to meet me in the unresolved emotional baggage of the past. He wanted to set me free of the false beliefs that were holding me down based on that wounding event and he wanted to help me release all of the loss and all of the grief that I experienced in my life because of being wounded and traumatized. That encounter with Christ may have been one of the most important moments in my journey of life. There I found that a bruised reed he will not break, a smoldering wick he will not put out, a wounded heart he cares for and he loves, and he wants to heal.

That's the vein of gold that God has set before us in Healing Care Ministries that we want to share with others. The past does not always need to be present.

We can be free to run into tomorrow as we learn how to meet Jesus in the difficult places of our past. We would like to help you there. We would like to give you skills that would strengthen you there. We would like to help you experience the joy of life when you are no longer pulled down by the burdens of the past.

Don't ever believe it when someone says, "The past doesn't matter, just forget it."

We need to meet Jesus in our past, because it's the best way to have a new and exciting future.


If you're interested in experiencing more of the joy of life when you are no longer pulled down by the burdens of the past, we would be honored to partner with you. For the first time ever, we are offering the Formational Prayer Seminar, a foundational equipping seminar, in a virtual format. Check out for more details.

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