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Thank you for agreeing to fill out this reference form for the applicant to the Certificate in Formational Care Program.

The Certificate in Formational Care is a program offered through Healing Care Ministries that seeks to train and mentor safe and competent leaders who feel called to walk alongside individuals as a spiritual companion, particularly in areas of emotional pain and wounding. This program is dependent on the work of Christ in combination with a safe Caregiver in order to be successful. Formational Prayer is a ministry of the Holy Spirit working through a caregiver to position people for encounters with Jesus in the places of their brokenness.

This program is portal-driven and designed to be both experiential and academic. This means there will be education, homework, small group experiences, individual sessions and spiritual practices. We believe that having a supportive community is an important part of being a healthy person, therefore the cohort format of this program is intended to supplement the applicant’s existing support system. The coursework will be approximately 8-10 hours a week and will provide both logical explanations and training as well as time for practice and processing of the material. 

We believe we are all on a journey of growth and healing and it is our value to walk alongside people in ways that can assist them as they mature in skills and faith. Please answer these questions as they pertain to the individual for whom you are completing a referral for the Certificate in Formational Care Program.

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