In far too many ways, in far too many places, the church is tame. People seldom anticipate that things there will be in the category of the ''amazing.'' What would it take for the un-taming of the church? That is the central question of this challenging book.


The author spends much of his time leading seminars to equip Christians for renewal in their personal lives and in their churches. He observes that many of these people seem to wear themselves out striving after church programs and church growth methods that are driven more by technology than the wind of the Spirit. Often the results are disillusionment, burn out, frustration, and little lasting fruit. Wardle wants Christians to know that there is far more available to them as followers of Jesus Christ.


Drawing heavily upon the Scriptures, the church fathers, contemporary authors, real-life stories, and personal reflection, Wardle seeks to guide Christian leaders to receive the full ministry of the Holy Spirit into their lives and local congregations. ''What I am interested in,'' says the author, ''is an outpouring of the Presence of God that clearly and consistently identifies us as his people. An outpouring that births genuine love for Christ and one another, increased practical holiness, deeper personal transformation, and more power for Kingdom ministry within the church and the world.''


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