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The Certificate Program in


Many in the body of Christ are longing to experience vibrant life in the Kingdom but are being held back by unresolved pain and brokenness from the past. Hopelessness can set in when there is no clear way to move toward freedom. 

We are committed to training and equipping Christians with the skills and Character needed to meet this great need. 

Our Certificate Program in Formational Prayer is one of the primary ways we are doing this. 

The Certificate Program in Formational Prayer offers focused training in Formational Prayer. The program assists in the development of Christian caregivers in the areas of spiritual maturity, the theory of Formational Prayer, and practical experiences in Formation Prayer. The Certificate Program is reserved for those who have previously completed one of the following: Formational Prayer Seminar, Formational Prayer course, or the Doctor of Ministry Formational Prayer Course.

Completion Requirements 

Participants In The Certificate Of Formational Prayer Program Will…

Receive mentoring from a Coordinating Advisor as well as other individuals who have extensive experience in Formational Prayer 

Attend The Formational Prayer Summer Intensive Training Seminar 

Serve as a Caregiver-In-Training at a Formational Prayer Seminar 

Assist or Facilitate a group of peers using the Healing Care Group curriculum. 

Attend a seminar related to the foundational understandings of Formational Prayer. All non Healing Care seminars must be pre-approved by Coordinating Advisor. All Healing Care conferences are approved.

Attend a conference of healing, prayer or spiritual direction, pre-ap proved by the Coordinating Advisor. All Healing Care conferences are approved.

Read seven books from assigned reading list.  (List can be found on page 13 of the manual) 

Submit a reflection paper to Coordinating Advisor in response to participation in these experiences: The Healing Care Group, Summer Intensive, Integrating Seminar & Additional Seminar. (Please see hand book for reflection paper guidelines) 

Complete an “Exit Interview” to reflect and celebrate. 

Admission Standards 

Educational background of a bachelors degree required. In certain circumstances and at the discretion of the Certificate Board a person may be accepted to the program without the completion of a bachelors degree. 

A verifiable association with a local Christian congregation 

Three letters of recommendation

A detailed Christian faith narrative, in writing, as evidence of Christian maturity. 

Attendance at the basic Formational Prayer Seminar 

Download Program Application Packet

Download Certificate Program Advisee Manual


Application Fee of $450.00 is due at the time of application submission. (If a person is not accepted to the program a complete refund will be issued)

Coordinating Advisor fee of $425 is paid directly to Coordinating Advisor to initiate certificate process. Relationship begins when fee is paid. 

Program Time Frame

There Is A Three Year Limit To Complete Program. 

In special circumstances an extension may be granted when requested in writing to the Certificate Board. Additional cost may be incurred if a new advisor must be assigned.